Happily Ever After


“Thank you Sarah for this beautiful girl she is the most loving and friendly of cats a real joy, thank you for entrusting her to me.”  K.


“Thank you Sarah for this beautiful girl, she has the most amazing character and fabulous spots. She has done us proud on the show circuit, being a champion already.” K.



Neville is our 5th BSH fur baby but from the moment he arrived he was in charge. He is bold and brave very cuddly often harrumphing for attention and so clever, taps and turning them on so he can bat the water about is his favourite game. All BSH are gorgeous but Neville was so well socialised by his breeder that he had a head start … loved by even non cat lovers he is our Monochrome Tiger.”



Kips is a real gent and completes our home. He never fails to turn heads with his striking looks and he wins hearts over with his loving personality.  He came to us in good health and remains that way. He was handled and socialised as a kitten by Silver Cats and this makes him the perfect lap cat… although at 7 kilos, he doesn’t really fit on our laps any more!!


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